Alopecia Symptoms, Causes, Remedy, Treatment


Hairs are the beauty of any person, whether long, short or medium ones. That is why; people spend a lot of money for having the best looking hairs.

Human body posses different functions inside and it happens sometimes that due to the changes, person faces the hair loss. The situation is called Alopecia in medical term. In this disease the person loses hairs to some extent or completely.

The medical world has done lots of researches and advancements in this field, from which the hair transplant is the latest one. But this option has got so many risks attached to it. The side effects and the costly measures are so much unlikely for a common man.

The best way to cure this disease is by adopting the way of herbal product. Apolical is the best product for those who want to have their lost hairs back. What this product offers the patients, let’s take a look.


Alopecia symptoms:

When the person faces these below Alopecia symptoms it means he is suffering from this disease.

-          You are having an extra loss of hairs.

-          After brushing hairs, there are lots of hairs left in your brush.

-          Your scalp prickles.

-          You hairs start getting weak and lean.

-          Lots of dandruff appears on your scalp.

-          The bald scraps start appearing on your scalp.

-          The hairs get broken.

 When all this start showing up, the best thing to do is to simply get this product and start having it.

The herbal product is very easy to use in case of Alopecia symptoms.


The Alopecia causes:

If this is all happening, then these simply are the Alopecia causes.

-          When person take regular stress.

-          The allergy disorders.

-          Due to some medical illness.

-          When person is suffering from malnutrition.

-          Lupus happens.

If you take this product daily with the given instructions, there are sheer chances that you will be able to recover the lost hairs quickly.

When taking this herbal product, also remember to take some precautions for the most effective results.

-          Do oil your hairs once in a week with olive or almond oil.

-          Consume Vitamin E.

-          Do have a glass of milk daily.

-          Do not use a hair dryer, dry them naturally.

-          Do have lots of carbohydrates and proteins.

-          Avoid brushing your hairs when they are wet.

-          Straighten your hairs once in a week.


The patients could get Alopecia treatments:  

There are so many ways prescribed by the different people regarding Alopecia treatments. Sometimes, the patients have to go for the medicines, injections, therapies and many other ways. If the problem gets bigger, the patients prefer to go for the treatments instead of trying therapies.

-          Topical immunotherapy: Patients, who have lost more than 50% of their hairs, usually go for this treatment.

-          Oral Steroids: it is for the cases that are rapidly growing.

What is better solution for Alopecia Remedy?

It is said that Apolical is the best available product for the Alopecia remedy.  

-          By using this product, the hairs get 10X stronger.

-          It provides the healthy shine to the hairs.

-          The bald scraps get covered with new hairs.

-          It decreases the hair fall by 90%.

-          Gives better look and structure to the hairs.

-          It reduces the dandruff in hairs.

-          The product makes hair soft.

-          Prevent hairs from getting thin.

These are the qualities of the herbal product, which will prevent the patient from losing the hairs abnormally.

By following these tips and the regular use of herbal product, you can have the hairs back with great shinning.