Eye Bags Treatment, Symptoms, Causes, Remedy


Minor periorbital puffiness detectable only below the eyes is called eye bags. This puffiness is easily distinguishable from age related or gradual increase in size of fat pad present below the eyelids. This condition is usually transient. It is more commonly a cosmetic concern then being a sign of any serious underlying medical condition. Glamical is the herbal product which can help you resume this condition and promise to return your facial beauty.

Eye bags causes: The eye bags causes are multi factorial. Old age and fatigue makes this swelling prominent. With aging muscles weaken; this is true for all body muscles including the ones encircling the orbit. The weakened lower lid muscles aids in migration of fat which was otherwise meant to support the eyes. This redistribution of fat appears as eye bags. Irregular sleep cycles are also one of the well known causes of eye puffiness. Other then this conditions causing fluid retention such as pregnancy, consumption of salt rich diet, crying and hormonal changes during menstruation causes fluid retention particularly in subcutaneous tissues. Alcohol and tobacco use can also be one of the causes as toxins present in it lead to stress fatigue and hormonal changes which in turn lead to fluid retention. Certain allergies lead to leaky subcutaneous capillary beds causing swelling of the whole face, including below the eyes. Some of the serious illnesses which can lead to eye bags include hypothyroidism, periorbital cellulitis, american trypanosomiasis, nephritic syndrome, trichinosis, improper functioning tear glands, superior vena cavel obstruction and cavernous sinus syndrome polyneuropathy but in these conditions other systemic symptoms are usually seen much before the appearance of eye bags.

Symptoms of Eye bags: the symptoms of eye bags includes mild swelling, saggy or loose skin and dark circles

Eye bags treatment: Consumption of plenty of water can help reverse the problem as it deals with excessive fluid retention. This water will flush excessive salt from your body. Dehydrating drinks such as coffee and alcohol should be avoided. Cold compresses are of great help to treat the problem. Cucumber can be used to give eyes a soothing effect. A wet tea bag or a sliced potato can also be used as an astringent. For the long term eye bags treatment, determination of underlining cause is recommended. Other then this identification and treatment of allergies, changing the position of sleep (sleeping on back is the most preferred option), sleeping with head propped up preventing collection of fluid below the eyes, taking good care of facial skin by washing and drying it gently, moisturizing it and using sunscreen can help. Switching to less salty diet, consumption of less alcohol and avoidance of smoking can also aid in eye bags treatment. Consumption of food rich in vitamin A, E and C not only help reduce eye bags but also help in maintaining clearer skin. This condition, when caused due to aging, will not respond to lifestyle changes in such cases medical remedies such as hyaluronic filler and surgical procedure called blepharoplasty are the only effective treatment options.